Introducing Aicoco Smart Live Streamcam (2K) ,an innovative webcam

Introducing Aicoco Smart Live Streamcam (2K) ,an innovative webcam

Introducing Aicoco Smart Live Streamcam (2K) ,an innovative webcam.

Leading photography gears manufacturers and innovators, Aicoco, is proud to announce the launch of its awe-inspiring Aicoco Smart Live Streamcam (2K), an artificial intelligence, Full HD 2560P wide Angle camera.

AI integration into photography has been the norm, rather than the exception these past few years and Aicoco is leading this integration with the launch of the stunning Aicoco Smart Live Streamcam. The Smart Streamcam is equipped with a cutting edge Ultra HD 2K picture output, up to 2560*1440@30fps, HD video. Other exceptional features of the Smart Streamcam include:

  • AI interaction, gesture control, human face recognition tracking, precision tracking, double brushless motor two-axis drive, 6-axis gyroscope shake control, and maximum control speed of 120°/s
  • Smart zoom can be achieved through gestures, and 3 gears can be adjusted automatically
  • Microphone algorithm noise reductionType-c universal interface for wide compatibility including Windows7/8/10 and Ubantu, macOS, Android9.0 and higher.
  • Standard USB drive free protocol, supports mainstream operating system, Plug and Play.

Additionally, the Aicoco Smart Live Streamcam boasts a built-in noise reduction chip and noise reduction algorithm that can filter the surrounding noise, minimizing the interference of noise and keeping clear calls. This is complemented by a built-in high-quality brushless motor, low interference, low noise, silky smooth operation, tracking rotation without obstacles.

Aicoco is on a mission to build a responsible AI Visual Art Eco-system In the AI era to add fluidity and dynamism to the art of content creation. ''We apply the AI breakthrough technology in the visual creation industry. We are at the cutting edge of photography. We make every efforts to develop the advanced AI vision tech to make the visual creation better.'' said a spokesperson for the company.

It's pertinent to note that the Aicoco Smart Live Streamcam was designed with the dynamic and intelligent follow features. These features come handy in an array of live streamings, including dance, fitness, and cuisine, as well as video online lessons, video conversations, and other photo situations. The delicate, follow-up and high-definition images of the dynamic and intelligent follow features can make for a more pleasurable viewing experience. Face recognition tracking, gesture zoom, and Ultra HD 2K image quality output are all supported by the AICOCO, making live streaming simple and straightforward to get professional and exceptional results.

The Aicoco Smart Live Streamcam was created to help people solve a variety of problems. A classroom teacher can move freely thanks to the camera's 360-degree mobility. This ensures a complete, panoramic view of the classroom, creating a fluid and dynamic student/teacher relationship and exciting teaching experience.

Aicoco have a team of gifted staff and brilliant Engineers who continuously update their hardware to match the top computer vision algorithms and exceed customer expectations. ''Our plan is for everyone to dream and create. This is why, with our Advanced AI Tech for Innovators, we plan to become the world’s leading photography gears manufacturers and innovators.'' said the founder of the company.


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