The Difference Between the Normal Webcam and AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam

The Difference Between the Normal Webcam and AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam

A webcam is a camera connected to a computer, most often used for video chatting. AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam is different from the normal webcam in many ways. The most significant difference between the two is that the AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam has additional features not found in a normal webcam.

This informative article will explore the differences between a normal webcam and an AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam.

What Are the Features That Distinguish the AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam From a Regular One?

The AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam has several features that stand out from the rest. These features include:

360-Degree Smart Following

Was that person just in your frame? Aicoco's advanced facial tracking technology will automatically keep them in focus - whether they're moving around or not. This is not possible with a regular webcam.

Full HD 2560p Wide-Angle Camera

Want to show off your surroundings? This camera's 5-element, all-glass lens captures razor-sharp images at up to 2560p resolution. A regular webcam can only go up to 1080p.

Focus Adjusting With Certain Gestures

Aicoco's smart webcam is equipped with innovative gesture control. This allows you to focus the camera by simply making a specific gesture or sign.

All-Round Auto-Zoom

The Aicoco webcam will automatically zoom in and out depending on how many people are in the frame. This is not something that a regular webcam can do.

Built-in Noise Reduction

Who loves being interrupted by loud background noise? The Aicoco webcam has a built-in noise reduction which ensures that your video call is clear and uninterrupted.

Built-in High-Quality Brushless Motor

Since it is a 360-degree mover, smooth movement is necessary for the Aicoco webcam. It is equipped with a high-quality brushless motor, which ensures no jitter or lag in the movement.

Object Tracking Rotation Without Obstacles

The Aicoco webcam can rotate smoothly and follow an object or a person without any obstacles in the way. With a regular webcam, this is not possible.

How the Webcam Can Be Used for Various Purposes That a Normal Webcam Cannot Webcam Can't Fulfill

The AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam can be used for various purposes. Some of these include:

Live Broadcast

Due to its advanced features, the Aicoco streaming cam is perfect for live broadcasting. You can show your surroundings in full HD with 2-level Smart Zoom while broadcasting.

Dance Teaching

The Aicoco webcam is also perfect for dance teaching. The 360-degree innovative following feature ensures that your students are always focused, no matter where they are in the room. The all-around auto-zoom also comes in handy when you want to give your students a closer look at your movements.

Security Monitoring

Surely you've seen security cameras that can pan and zoom. The Aicoco webcam can do the same thing, making it perfect for security monitoring. Whether you're monitoring your home or office, you can be sure that everything is being captured in crystal clear detail.

Video Classroom

The movement of teachers around the board is easily captured, along with full HD video and sound. Its 360-degree movement also allows for a full view of the classroom at all times.

Indoor Sports

Online physical sports streaming is growing in popularity. The Aicoco webcam is perfect for this, as it can capture all the action from different angles.

Yoga, Taekwondo, Etc

After the pandemic, more and more people are doing yoga, taekwondo, and other fitness activities at home. With the Aicoco webcam, you can have a virtual instructor who can show you the proper form and technique.

Conference or Online Meeting

You can have multiple people in the frame, and the camera will automatically zoom in and out depending on how many people are in the frame. You can also use the built-in noise reduction to ensure that your online meeting is clear.

The AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam Revolutionizes the Way You Communicate

With its advanced features, the AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam is perfect for various purposes. Whether you're live broadcasting, network video teaching, a dance class, or monitoring your office, the Aicoco streaming cam will ensure that you're always capturing high-quality video and sound. 

So why settle for a regular webcam when you can have the AICOCO Smart Live Streamcam? Get your own today and experience the difference.

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The normal webcam will only capture images and record videos, while the smart webcam can do much more.


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