The Birth of AICOCO Brand

The Birth of AICOCO Brand

With the continuous development of Internet technology, cameras are more and more widely used in our lives. From the cameras that capture violations in public areas and assist with public security management functions, to today's various smart home cameras that take care of children or pets, especially the raging epidemic in the past two years, we have more frequent contact with cameras. In addition to being used in various outdoor scenes, cameras have already entered thousands of homes, benefiting our lives, and their functions are no longer limited to recording and monitoring a certain area, but have gradually developed into an integrated A home and office assistant that integrates security, care and live streaming.

Traditional cameras are not only laborious to install, require wiring, and rigid in shape, but are mostly fixed dead positions with fixed viewing angles. They have been criticized for a long time, and their functions are relatively limited. Now, various new cameras have broken this limitation. It is more intelligent in terms of usage and functions, especially the "AICOCO Smart Live Camera" we are going to launch today, which is known as "Webcam's revolutionary product in the past 20 years".

The founder of Chuanxin Films was inspired by a birthday party.

In the process of holding a birthday party for the child, the founder of the company wanted to live broadcast with the relatives in the distance, and record this warm picture throughout the whole process, so that the happy face of the child in the picture will always occupy the C position, but people hold the camera all the way. It is really inconvenient, and combined with the usual business negotiation, there is a lack of a sensitive camera to present a more intuitive picture to customers. So a magical idea was born: to combine Internet live broadcast and intelligent identification to create a new functional product!

After returning to the company, the founder of Chuanxinying started to set up the AICOCO brand, and immediately told the idea to the small partners in the R&D department. The all-in-one intelligent follow-up live camera AICOCO was born!

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